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From Marketing and Finance to VFX and Post Production, CR8 is a single solution for your entire studio or company.

CR8 eliminates countless apps, workflow inefficiencies, and expensive software that has attempted to connect studio lots, and remote contractors. Multiple challenges. One Solution. It's time to unify your business.


Your workflow begins with our Enterprise Progressive Web Application.

Easy to manage for IT and a native look and feel for employees. Run CR8 in Chrome, Edge, and Safari or install the PWA to your task bar on desktop or mobile. It even works offline.
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“The Media & Entertainment industry is a complex ecosystem that is comprised of large enterprises and studios working with countless 3rd parties and contractors.

Due to the numerous distribution platforms and the pure volume of content being created, it has never been more important to increase efficiency and protect pre-commercialized intellectual property.”

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Experience the power of CR8

Eliminate disparate systems and inefficient workflows, while ensuring your priceless IP is protected.


Communicate in context. Eliminate context switching and having to endlessly navigate between countless applications.

Increase efficiency and reduce security concerns, with a single solution that incorporates all stakeholders in the content lifecycle.


Content Collaboration

Advanced functionality allows countless departments to work on their own schedule from Marketing to Animation - no waiting around. Whether it's UHD Video (Up to 8K), 3D Models, LIDAR scans, or Lossless Audio, we can ensure a seamless workflow while incorporating all stakeholders.

Approve, lock, and version content while maintaining camera and shot metadata during the creative process.

Eliminate meeting fatigue and project delays. Distributed teams no longer have to coordinate calendars to share a screen. If a meeting is necessary we can handle that to...


Content Review

Tired of having to wait for the one person with the right software to have some free time on their calendar?

Are your remote desktop sessions suffering from latency issues as the presenter tries to broadcast a 3D model or video with a high frame rate?

CR8's real-time, high definition content review's enable users to accelerate feedback with frame level accuracy.

Let all your stakeholders feel like they are sitting next to each other in the same room.



If a meeting is necessary we can handle that to...

We didn't zoom past security requirements and do not require plugins or apps to download.

With our single platform you can ensure that virtual meetings are not the source of leaks, or keeping your IP department up at night.

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Share Center

When you need to work with external 3rd parties and contactors, or distribute pre-release content like digital screeners to critics and marketing partners, Share Center contains the advanced functionality you need to get the job done.

Create templates and security profiles to quickly distribute IP to recurring recipients. Enable content release windows for individual shows without having to generate new links every time - save time when managing a series release. You can even track detailed viewer analytics that can be shared with important stakeholders.

Communicate in context with all external collaborators. Whether you're working on a new design with a supply chain vendor or sharing export controlled data with an authorized party, CR8 offers you a seamless user experience.
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Safetrace™ Technology

Safetrace™ is an additional security mechanism for projects and pre-release content that provides studios with a cutting edge solution for screeners, proxies, dailies, or whatever else you decide is "Top Secret." Control access to intellectual property whether users are on a studio lot or in a hotel room.
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FaceAuth™ Technology

FaceAuth™ enforces the highest level of content security so that you can ensure external parties and contractors are the intended recipient of company IP and content. Eliminate password/pin sharing and protect the most sensitive data without interrupting the creative workflow.
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Turn up the volume.

Studios utilizing the latest virtual production technology can increase workflow efficiency with functionality designed specifically for content that is created in a volume.
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Creatives, meet CR8

Increase productivity, fuel innovation, and exceed compliance requirements.
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Microsoft Office

Create, edit, or view Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents while using CR8.

Eliminate switching apps or having to upload office documents multiple times. When you work in CR8 your office documents are also synced to your Microsoft Business account.

You can also use your existing Microsoft Office Business licenses to take advantage of real-time office document collaboration capabilities.
Cast media to Google Chromecast enabled TV's and speakers.
Cast media to Apple Airplay enabled TV's.
Keep your workflow moving with support for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files.

The Basics


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